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Meet the HWW Health Staff Professionals associated or previously associated with Frank Jordan's Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Commentary by clicking on the key, photo or name of each HWW Health Staff Member.  We regret "Live" call-ins are no longer possible on the weekday "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Commentary" at 4:26 pm EST on Sirius/XM Radio, Ch 131.

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Frank Jordan's "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Show"

HWW Health Staff Professionals    

HWW All-Star Health Staff

Frank Jordan MBA, Doug Kaufmann, John Yawn PhD and Vicki Yawn, Lee Cowden MD, William Kellas PhD, Helen Pensanti MD, Herb Joiner Bay ND, Sherry Rogers MD, John Gonino DO, John Young MD, Mark Drucker MD, Patrick Quillin PhD, Dave Nelson PhD, Ann McCombs DO and Mark Schauss DB MBA

Frank M. Jordan, MBA


Host and Executive Producer  for the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Radio Shows

Sherry Rogers, MD
HWW Health Staff Member

Patrick Quillin PhD, RD

HWW Health Staff Member


Dr. Lee Cowden, MD

HWW Health Staff Member

John David Young MD
HWW Health Staff Member

William (Bill) Kellas, PhD

HWW Health Staff Member

John Gonino DO

 HWW Health Staff Member

John Yawn PhD and Vicki Yawn

HWW Health Staff Members


Helen Pensanti MD

HWW Health Staff Member


Deborah Ray, MS

HWW Health Staff Member

Herb Joiner-Bey, ND

HWW Health Staff Member

Doug Kaufmann

HWW Health Staff Member

Ann McCombs, DO

HWW Health Staff Member

Mark Schauss MBA DBA

HWW Health Staff Member a


The HWW Health Staff frequently features the following outstanding health professionals on air with Frank Jordan:

Mark Schauss MBA DB and Dr. Ann McCombs DO

Dr. Mark Schauss MBA DBA with a doctorate in Business is an internationally acclaimed expert on the effects of toxicity on human health and the use of laboratory testing. While researching in these fields for the past two decades, Dr. Schauss MBA DB has gained a comprehensive insight into a range of neurological disorders including epilepsy, autism, ADHD, and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as an array of other health problems.  Dr. Schauss is currently the President of Lab Interpretation LLC based in Reno, Nevada. 



Dr. Ann McCombs DO is co-founder and the Medical Director of the Center for Optimal Health in Bellevue, WA (425-213-1555).  She is also co-founder of the American Board of Holistic Medicine and served on the founding Board of Directors. Dr. McCombs holds Post-graduate Certifications in Pain Management, Neural Therapy and Holistic Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Oxidative Medicine, and Heavy Metal Toxology. Call in your health inquiries for Frank, Dr. McCombs DO and Mark at 877-956-9566 while Healthy, Wealthy and Wise is on the air.



Dr. Sherry Rogers MD has been in private practice for over 27 years.  Dr. Rogers has published multiple scientific articles, authored 13 books including The High Blood Pressure Hoax, Detoxify or Die and Pain Free and been environmental editor for Internal Medicine World Report.  You can Order any of the 13 Books plus a must-buy is her newest book "Is Your Cardiologist Killing You". The book and her Total Wellness Newsletter are available by calling 800-846-6687 or by going to

Receive a FREE copy of Dr. Sherry Roger's "Total Wellness" Newsletter by calling 800-846-6687 and telling them you heard Dr. Roger's offer on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! 


Patrick Quillin PhD

Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS served from 1990 to 2000 as the Vice President of Nutrition for a national network of cancer hospitals. He is an internationally respected author, lecturer, professor, and consultant in the field of nutrition. His 15 books have sold over 1 million copies and include the best sellers "Healing Nutrients" and "Beating Cancer with Nutrition".  You can contact Dr. Quillin at with website .

Frank Jordan and Dr. Quillin have worked and appeared together many times and this is your opportunity to talk to two of the pioneers in integrative health care and nutrition by calling with your health questions. Call in your questions to Dr. Quillin PhD and Frank at 877-956-9566.

Dr. William Lee Cowden MD

Dr. William Lee Cowden MD is a USA board-certified cardiologist, clinical nutritionist and internist, skilled in kinesiology and homeopathy who received his MD from the University of Texas Medical School.   Dr. Cowden has over twenty years of experience in treating cardiac disease, cancer and other chronic diseases, primarily with alternative/integrative medicine. Dr. Cowden is accomplished in applied kinesiology, electrodermal screening, homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, biofeedback, as well as color, sound, neural, magnetic, electromagnetic, and detoxification therapies. 

In March 2012, Dr. William Lee Cowden MD received the prestigious ACIM  Humanitarian Award for his continually meeting people at their point of need and giving them hope.  At one stretch of his illustrious career, virtually every new client had been given a death sentence by the established medical community.  Through his quiet assurance and belief in the potential for the body to heal, the vast majority of these clients survived.  Dr. Cowden can be emailed at , as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM- ). Don't miss Dr. Lee Cowden MD and Frank Jordan

Dr. John Young MD

Dr. John Young MD is Medical Director of the Foundational Health Center located in Seminole, FL (Tel 800-753-9907; 727-545-4600 or ) in the Tampa/St. Petersburg metropolitan area. Dr. Young is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support - ACLS - with 10,000 plus hours in civilian and military hospitals. Dr. Young has taught as Asst. Professor, Clinical Medicine at Marshall U. School of Medicine.




Dr. William Kellas PhD

 Dr. William Kellas PhD, is a writer, lecturer, toxicologist and long-time member of the Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Health Staff of Frank Jordan.  Dr. Kellas (Bill) is the author of four books, including his recently published, "Detox or Disease" available at 888-244-4420. As a long-term member of the HWW Health Staff, Dr. Kellas has helped thousands through the years with his insightful insight in solving the root cause.

Dr. William Kellas has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and is Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine with website, while being an expert in toxicology and detoxification.


Dr. John Gonino DO -

Dr. John Gonino DO is the Founder and Director of the Gonino Wellness Group ( * Tel 469-402-2800) located in Rockwall, Texas while being Board Certified in Family Practice and a member of the American Academy of Preventative Medicine (AAPM).   

Dr. Gonino joins Frank Jordan to help you utilizing both conventional and integrative medicine, in addition to education, natural supplementation and the support of the Great Physician to support our body’s own natural healing mechanisms. 


Dr. Dave Nelson PhD, ND

Dr. Dave Nelson PhD, ND  is a Doctor of Nutrition and Medicine with an extensive background in the health science field, while being with the Center for Advanced Medicine for over 18 years.  More information about the Centers for Advanced Medicine can be found at or  by contacting the Centers for Advanced Medicine,  4403 Manchester Ave., Suite 107, Encinitas, California 92024.

Dr. Nelson is active in teaching and lecturing at seminars across the United States.  His studies in Naturopathic health include botanicals, herbology and homeopathy . Frank Jordan, host the popular show with Dr. Nelson, provide the best in health talk and advice in this hour of live interaction between audience and experts.


Dr. Mark Drucker MD

Dr. Mark Drucker MD has been practicing medicine, health and nutrition for years. He has an extensive background in the health science field, while being with the Center for Advanced Medicine ( ).  

Dr. Drucker is active in teaching and lecturing at seminars across the United States and an integral part of the Center for Advanced Medicine. Call 877-956-9566 (TALK) to make this a great day in health when you join Frank and Dr. Drucker on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. 


Dr. Helen Pensanti MD with Dr. John Yawn PhD and Vicki

Dr. Helen Pensanti MD and John Yawn PhD and Vicki Yawn appeared on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise with cutting edge information on your health and natural health products.   This trio of health experts bring the truth to you regarding your health and what can nutritionally assist you in maintaining or regaining a healthy life. 

Dr. Helen is a pioneer in bringing both natural and mainstream health help to her legion of fans ( ) with more info direct by calling 800-301-1982.  Dr. Helen and Frank Jordan have worked together in TV for years as shown at left on the national  Healthy, Wealthy & Wise TV Show set.


Doug Kaufmann

Doug Kaufmann is a nationally recognized nutritional scientist in communicating the role of fungi and fungal toxins in human illness. Doug is seen nationally on weekdays on his television health show, Know the Cause

Doug Kaufmann' books include, "The Fungus Link," in Trilogy with the Fungus Link Three now available, a Recipe Book, Infectious Diabetes," What Makes Bread Rise," and many more available by calling 972-772-0990. 


Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey ND

Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey ND is an experienced primary-care Naturopathic Physician with specialization in classical homeopathy and therapeutic nutrition.  Dr. Joiner-Bey is an author, consultant and educator in natural medicine ( ). His   book, "Healing Power of Flax" is a best seller in the health field together with "The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine".  Dr. Joiner-Bey serves as Adjunct Professor of Advanced Naturopathic Therapeutics and Classical Homeopathy, Bastyr (Bas steer) University, Kenmore, WA.



Deborah Ray MS

Frank Jordan was joined by Deborah Ray MS as two health talk pioneers bringing you the best in health advice. Deborah Ray has been delivering quality health information to radio listeners since 1982, while consistently named among the top 100 most important talk radio hosts in America by Talkers Magazine. 

Deborah Ray MS is a member on the American Society of Medical Technologists and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.  Deborah Ray joins Frank Jordan on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise to answer your calls at 877-956-9566.


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